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Spike Lee is a racist ass hole. And as much as I am a fan of Racism when it is comical or not malicious (Like when Stand Up comedians have racist humor or when I joke around with my black and white friends in a racial way).

Even if Lee got the correct address of the dude, what is he trying to do? He is basically telling his followers "Here is the guys address.. go murder him" what a fucking piece of shit!

I heard the elderly couple has hired a lawyer, and I hope they get a shit ton of money out of that ass hole.

The case is one that we will never know fully what happened. Zimmerman says the Martin kid attacked him, others say that didnt happen. The zimmerman dude claimed the Martin kid hit him in the face and beat his head against the ground... when I heard the story, that all sounded plausible, whether the kid is black or white, that can happen. And I have been torn on where my beliefs lay in this case, because it isn't out of the realm for a kid to be an ass hole, and it isnt out of the realm for a dude to shoot someone just because. But now that the video is out that shows that Zimmerman didn't have a bloodied nose nor any of the bruises he claimed, it is hard to side with him.

BUT, what happens is, when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee get involved with anything, I tend to hate it, due to my immense hatred of all 3 of these people.

It's plausible that Martin could have attacked him, but witnesses said differently. The video of Zimmerman arriving at the police precinct didn't show him injured.

I don't understand what the bag with weed residue has to do with anything. If it's OK to kill people for not being innocent little angels, then we should all be dead.
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