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I finally got into/caught up on this show. I have a couple questions hopefully some people may know the answer to.

1) How many seasons are they planning to do? Is this going to be the last season?

As far as I am aware, they are constracted to do another four, which would take them to season 8. I'm not sure if it's go one after that, but I'd be willing to guess no.

2) Why did they drop all the great background characters (Sal, Kinsy, etc.) and replace them with, in my opinion, less interesting ones when they moved to SCDP?

While I agree that the sudden disappearance of Sal and Kinsey was a bit crudely handled, it really was inevitable that both would be written out of the showe after what happened in S3. It would have been nice to see them in atleast a couple of episodes, to see how they handled it all. I don't think the new characters are less interesting, they just don't have as much screen time. I really did enjoy the scenes with the five boys (Campbell, Harry, Cosgrove, Kinsey & Sal) They were a good laugh.

3) Why was there a 17 month hiatus? I know there were contract negotiation problems but what were they?

Rumour is that they wanted more for production. I'm not sure why they need it, since the show has scaled down as it's went on. Smaller office, smaller cast and not as many appearances by once over regulars (Betty for example) so I really can't fathom where all the money is going. The production value hasn't improved as it was perfect to begin with.

Fifty bucks would be, with inflation, about $350 now. However, in the episode I thought he was actually given a thousand dollars for the office, which was the same as his after-tax monthly salary.

Yes, it was a $1000 that Roger gave Harry, not $50.

The first episode was very enjoyable, but I was suprised and disappointed that we never saw a glimpse of Betty. Gunslinger, can I ask why your feelings towards the character are that strong? Personally, I always felt Betty was one of the better written characters on the show, probably only second to Don. She was one of my favourite characters too, probably my favourite throughout season 2. I just cannot fathom why anybody would hate her so much.

The first 45 minutes was pretty much a recap, but the second half of the episode really got interesting. Especially the stuff with Lane, I think he'll be the shining star of this season. The song was fantastic, and Megan is absolutely stunning.
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