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2) Why did they drop all the great background characters (Sal, Kinsy, etc.) and replace them with, in my opinion, less interesting ones when they moved to SCDP?
A better question would be, of the 3 'Draper Disciples' who were initially left behind at the old Sterling Cooper, why'd they ultimately choose to bring back that douchebag Ken? : ?

I'm assuming Betty wasn't in the premiere because January was still pregnant at the time? I still don't get all the hate for her character. I think she's one of the more interesting people on the show. After being a mere put-upon Stepford wife the first 2 seasons, she finally started asserting herself and confronting Don on his womanizing ways and his secret past. Yes, she can be childish at times, but it just seems to me that she wants to break out of her former existence but doesn't really know how.
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