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There's really nothing that salvages Betty. She's a little princess who expects everything in life to be just the way she wants it because she's at the center of attention for everything. She's whiney, insecure, selfish and demanding. I think she's complex enough to be a great character (as is every character on the show) but as far as personalities go, I can totally understand why someone would hate her. I can't really understand why someone would love her actually. And Don is much better off without her, IMO.
I think you're oversimplifying her character. Yes, she's had some moments of entitlement, but she can't be fully blamed for that; it's the way she was brought up. Again, she's no longer the put-upon trophy Stepford wife of the first 2 seasons. She finally started to grow a pair when she started discovering Don's womanizing ways, as well as his secret identity. Frankly, Don had it coming. He truly was a smug prick those first 3 seasons. Fortunately, his divorce seemed to have knocked him down a few pegs last season... though part of me still kind of wishes he'd stayed with Faye.

I still feel that deep down Betty definitely wants something more out of life and wants to break out of the stereotypical '50s/'60s housewife mold in which she finds herself, but she still doesn't really know how to do it.
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