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Lee paid off the couple. All is right in Twitter Land.

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Race gets thrown around so much in todays world... as soon as something happens that is against a black person it is automatically 100% race, regardless of facts. And yes, sometimes it is 100% race related.. but there are times when it isn't, and as soon as you throw Race into an argument, it taints any hope of fact that may soon come!

That's probably because every time a black person commits a crime, their race gets brought up.

If a majority of people got robbed by Bootsy Collins, and he was in his full stage getup, the first thing they'd describe about him is that he was black.

Cop: "Ma'am, can you describe the man who played the funky bass on your lawn in the middle of the night?"

White Lady: "Well, it was dark so I can't be sure, but he looked black."
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