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Sounds like a "coming of age" argument.

Early 90s , i only listened to death metal ( Death , Suffocation , Obituary , Cannibal Corpse , etc ) and everything else was shit .... by shit i mean , if you didn't listen to death meatl , you were gay. I was serious and 19.

Over time , i switched my thinking .... 1st because death metal is a limited genre and you can only hear about 100 cds before you heard all it's got to offer.

Then you switch style ..... for me it was industrial. Skinny Puppy , Ministry , Front Line Assembly , etc. It was an easy switch tho .... electronic music with heavy metal influence. Prodigy was also nice.

After that i discovered techno/trance ..... prolly because i started popping ecstacy and speed. Gone was the metal & guitar side and it was more full-on electronica. Tiesto , Astral Projection , Paul Oakenfold. Then the circle repeated.

*insert 3 more phases*

Nowadays , i don't care much about style ... i like what i like. Whatever oldie songs i liked , i still like (i.e. Michael Jackson - Beat it ) and i can choose the new songs i like according to some basis.

I like Skrillex but not all his songs ( only 2 good songs on Bangarang btw) and I hate hip-hop but i like Cypress Hill.

I can't find a bad Deftones song but i stopped listening to Metallica at the black album. Go figure.

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