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anytime anyone commits a crime, their race is mentioned! I mean, to say that is something solely to black people is a fabrication. When someone is robbed, they ask what he looked like and when you build a house, you start with a foundation, what race the person is, is that foundation! White Male, Mid 20's, Black hair, Pierced nose!

As for Lee and Roseanne... they are imbeciles... even if this dude Zimmerman is a cold blooded killer (whether it was cuz the kid was black or just cuz he wanted to kill someone) for these two dumbasses to do that is pathetic... what was the endgame? For people to go there and kill the dude? Or if they tweeted the parents house, even worse, the parents had nothing to do with this. These 2 need to stick to their day jobs and leave the rest out, because when idiot celebrities think they are doing good, they are just being idiots! (not like someone like Matt Damon or CLooney or what not who fight for true injustices in the correct fashion)
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