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ok i never will not get a "my quote is better than your quote" debate.

When i mean ethically , i mean the reason me and everyone else listen to music.

MUSIC is not a product like the tomato i slice for my salad.

1. It's not a physical product ( i dont buy the CD , i buy the songs on the cd )
2. I have a deep emotional attachment to the music i really like.

My point when i say that music fails ethically is that MUSIC keeps pushing and pushing to market it like a tomato. How many artist dont get contracts or poor contracts or limited radio play because they do 8 minutes songs ( Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize says hi .... pretty good 17 minutes rock song no one heard )

I really dont care if CD sales are 10% higher/lower than last year or if 80s music if soooo much better than present day music.

It's the connection between artist/public than will always thrive. Mainly shows.
MUSIC is just pushing for tomatoes and that's why its failing.

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