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What is wrong with people going off on MDMA? Sure, itīs a drug but so is beer. I think what you mean is that the people that made up your "horrible scene" are willing to listen to anything and dance to anything while "traditional" music fans are more picky and aware? Gotta disagree on that. Especially in the last ten years or so I feel that thereīs more fucking terrible rock and pop than ever. Electronic music is a more than welcome alternative (and it has been around since the eighties, so itīs not a hype-thing at all anymore in my book) to go out and have a blast. Donīt get me wrong, Iīm an avid listener of traditional rock. I worship Iron Maiden. I love Nick Cave, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, The Doors...Iīm 31 years old and collected records and cds for years. But I get goosebumbs at Cazzeteīs dubstep remix of "Video Games". And I canīt wait to go fucking nuts the next time someone plays it at my club. Same with lots of drum and bass and minimal stuff. What I mean is to me music is divided into just two genres. Stuff I can get into and stuff I loathe on sight. "Electronic" or "non electronic" arenīt quality trademarks at all.
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