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I can't see them winning. They are going to take their medicine and should shut the fuck up about it. If they follow through on this, it will open the door for other stuff and the league is it not going to let the players have a chance of a similar suit. it is all about ego with those two dumb fuck owners. Believe you me, in the long run the Skins will be better off.
I can see them winning because they didn't do anything wrong and "those two dumb fuck owners" didn't break any rules at all

The league didn't have a problem with those contracts when they approved them and the Bears did the same thing with Juilus Peppers and fuck all happenned to them.

All the league had to do was not approve those contracts or make them rework them to begin with and this wouldnt have happenned

This bullshit is why we haven't signed our best defensive player London Fletcher yet
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