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It's been several years since I sat down and watched this whole thing. What a genius flick. Even though I know most of it by heart, it's still a delight watching all the quirky antics unfold with some obvious jokes, and others just plain subtle but all working 99% of the time.


I don't really get the buzz of this one. It's also scary seeing how I know almost every single location in Oahu while watching it. I was freakin' out a bit some times. (I lived there for over a decade)
I wasn't too enthralled by what was going on and only felt a connection to Clooney's performance. Everyone else was kind of just "there". Not really pulling much weight.
I guess it was alright. I really want to like it more, but it doesn't quite inspire me enough to do so.
Also, I love Hawaii... but I FUCKING HATE HAWAIIAN MUSIC.

- and just now I realized I watched two movies with George Clooney in the same day. lol

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