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I honestly won't miss Best Buy if they go belly up. I don't think they will, but they are pretty much dead to me now. I used to do a ton of shopping at Best Buy. I mean a ton of shopping. Now, though, I think I may have bought three things there in the past year.

Their music section used to be awesome. So robust and extensive. Now it's an after thought. It's like they don't even want you to go in that section. It's awkward and hard to shop in. The shelves literally go all the way to the ground; you practically have to crawl on your hands and knees to dig down there. In the end, their music section right now is only slightly bigger than that of a Wal Mart or Target. IE, only new releases or major catalog titles.

The DVD section isn't faring much better. They basically split the section in half - one part for DVD, one part for Blu Ray, piss poor selection for both if you want something more than a year old. I can't remember the last DVD movie I bought from then. Occasionally they have a steep sale on TV shows - picked up Knight Rider Season 4 a few weeks ago; haven't been to the store since. I usually buy DVDs used anymore.

I pretty much buy all my video games at Toys R Us.

All Best Buy seems interested in selling right now are TVs and cell phones. I already have one of each (TV from Nebraska Furniture Mart), so I have no real need for a Best Buy anymore.
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