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I have recommended this in another post and I'll do it here as well, I caught the low budget horror/thriller "ABSENTIA" a short time ago and it simply is one of the best little hidden gems I've ever come across. It was made on $70k but don't let the budget put you off, it is simply an amazing horror film.

It centers on a young woman whose husband disappered seven years earlier. She is pregnant and is finalising the process to have him declared legally dead. Her sister arrives in town to help her in the coming months when strange things start happening in and around the freeway underpass at the end of the street.

I cannot recommend this film highly enough, it is a superb story, well acted and directed and has an atmosphere of impending doom that is palpable. I liked it so much I've been chatting to the director via email in recent times, great bloke. He has been given some big dollars to make his next film and Absentia did well in some of the horror festivals from what I've heard. Check it out, you won't regret it.

I can also recommend a film called "KILL LIST" that I caught in recent times. Although it's dressed up as a ganster-type film it's a horror movie through and through.. you have to watch it to understand what I mean. It's gaining a cult-following very quickly.


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