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I was worried about this since I wasn't fond of Crowe's previous ELIZABETHTOWN (but PEARL JAM 20 was good), and this is one of those movies that really has no surprises up its' sleeve.
That's alright, though, because it was a fine representation of family-friendly goodliness. I just wish the last 15 minutes or so didn't suck so much. I still thought it was pretty awesome.

HUGO - 3/10
This movie bored the fuck out of me.
Also, I hate how Scorcese has gotten so dependent on CGI. I had this same complaint about excessive (nice-looking but unrealistic) digital backlots for THE AVIATOR and SHUTTER ISLAND. If he wants to make a movie where people are supposed to be in a REAL FUCKING WORLD, then why am I stuck watching a hugely animated feature with human characters amongst it? Blech.

Also, not once did a dude get stabbed to death with a pen.


I'm not typically fond of Woody Allen pictures, but this was kinda cute. The constant name-dropping of past icons was frustrating, however I wasn't too bored or disappointed with the final product.

- While I was at work I saw some shitfest starring Hillary Duff called BEAUTY AND THE BRIEFCASE. It's so badly made that it's almost funny. Especially at the end when she finds her "true love", in which there was zero - I mean like zero degrees kelvin - chemistry or even much of a hint of a suggestion that the hookup makes sense. There are plenty of movies like this (for an example of a "good" one, check out THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA), but this is bad even for a bad one; of which there are many in this world.


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