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As much as I love the condescension sir... you made a point and I responded to it. Whether or not you clearly conveyed what you wanted to say or not, what was written is what I responded to and it was all very in context.

I have a lot I would love to talk with you about your perceptions of Racial Stereotypes and the over PC world we live in... but at the risk of derailing the thread any more, I will let it rest!

What's your deal, man? I was in pretty good spirits when I replied and was even glad that it was you I was responding too and not someone I was unfamiliar with. What made you think I was being condescending? I bet it was the part when I called you "Dude." That always gets me in trouble. I call people dude, and they are all like, "Look how he thinks he so much better than us." I'll learn man, I'll learn. Give me time, dude… I… I… mean, "man."

Really though, to tell me that I only have one shot to make a point, and if I don't make it clear the first time - that's the end ----- Those aren't discussion rules, thems debate rules and the last I check I didn't sign up for the debate club. It's also, what's the word you used? Condescending, as in -- You only get one chance to make a point with me. Otherwise, discussion over!

And do you really think talking about perceptions of race in a thread about Trayor Martin and Spike Lee is off-topic? That your final basis for ending the discussion?

I think I get your point, though. Essentially what you are saying is "HEY LOOK OVER THERE!!!!"

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