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Think of it like the Scream films: There are rules you need to follow in order to survive at night or day at the movies.

If you're going to see gimmicky, films whose marketing is CLEARLY geared toward the lowest common denominator, and you actually want to pay attention to what's on screen, then you NEED schedule yourself appropriately.

1. DON'T see said film opening night. You are literally just asking for a shitty experience.

You wanna see a film opening night? See something that you are at least 85% sure will be inhabited by adults who actually have to work for their money and attach value to it and can behave. If you tell a teenager about said film and they say it sounds "stupid and boring" that's the movie you should be watching opening night!

2. DO have a list of alternative theatres. Where I lived had a ghetto theater, the new mall multiplex, the old strip mall multiplex, the arthouse/mainstream multiplex. I know exactly what movies I can see at these places and the kind of audiences that frequent those places and chose my movies accordingly.

3. DO get up early and take advantage of AMC's matinee times. Its before 12pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and its about HALF the price of a regular ticket. You are practically guaranteed an uninterrupted moviegoing experience. The theatre can range from being half to less than half full, populated by mainly older people (cause the young people are still sleeping off their late night). However if it is a MEGA marketed film with a mega-star, it could go either way. I saw Am Legend on an early weekend afternoon: PACKED and I had an older woman asking questions behind me. But I was also at the AMC theatre in Times Square. (refer back to Rule #2)

4. DO wait a week or two to see your film on the weekend. The longer you wait, the lower the asshole to movie fan ration drops.

5. DO see movies on the weekdays (not applicable during summer). Go after work if you're not dead tired, or after school if you have the money and the means. The majority of people don't see movies on the weekday and once again less people= less aggravation.

6. DO exercise your rights as a PAYING CUSTOMER. If you go to a restaurant and the food is undercooked or looks bad you send it back. You buy an outfit and there's a rip or a stain you get a refund or a replacement, because that's not what you paid for. You go to the movies to watch and hear a film, NOTHING ELSE. So if someone is hindering your experience you have every right to complain and get a refund. I guarantee if more people reported assholes and asshole teenagers to management or requested refunds for ruined moviegoing experiences, we would see less complaints about people misbehaving in theatres because the theatre management would be strident about getting rid of these people because its costing them money. Word would get out to assholes and they'd make their own lists of theatres they know they can and can't get away with shit at.

You don't have to be n asshole when you do it, and asking for a refund or complaining does not make you an asshole. You say this group is interrupting the movie and yelling and you either want your money back or think they should be ejected.

Sure it sounds like a lot of work just to watch a movie, but if you're a movie fan you have standards. This is what you're passionate about and dammit you want the best experience you can get for what YOU'RE PAYING A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR!
I think you just wrote the Bible on how to have a good movie-going experience at the theater! hehe.
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