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Take Shelter

An artful study of apocalyptic mania in the guise of Michael Shannon, one of the most interesting actors working today. A perfect fit. His face always looks like its on the verge of a major breakdown of some kind (though not quite to the extent of his role on Boardwalk Empire), but not without the essential humanity that makes this a particularly moving piece of work on all counts. Whether Curtis is truly crazy or cursed with some sorta precognition is moot though you will get an answer by the end because its his descent into madness over what his nightmares might signify, and the toll it takes on his family and friends, that provides the meat of the story. The first half is a fantastic build of tension, and really sells the strength of the relationship between Curtis and his wife Sam, played by Jessica Chastain, who found time among five other movies (!!! !) to deliver another great performance here. It all sets up one of the most satisfying emotional climaxes of 2011, capping off one of the finer underseen dramas of that year.

-> 8/10