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For starters, I don’t like the new store layouts the chain has been rolling out. The old footprint was inviting and friendly; the new look appears cluttered and too focused on products like the iPad and mobile phones that, quite frankly, I can get elsewhere.

Putting entertainment software – Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs – in the back also wasn’t a smart move. A big chunk of the packaged media business comes from impulse buys, which is why Target, for example, is now selling discs at endcaps near the checkout lanes.
This is an EXCELLENT point. I couldn't agree MORE with this! That's just ass-backwards strategizing and organization on their part. I've never really made any major/big-ass purchases from Best Buy. Maybe the closest have been a GPS (before every phone had 'em) and a DVD/VCR combo recorder.

Otherwise, it's all CD's/DVD's/Blu-Ray purchases for me, when I am there. I've a feeling that a lot of their sales goes towards those three things as well, and it's just fucking asinine to have the store's layout with those primarily purchased products in the BACK of the store!
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