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The new layout of Best Buy does suck, but the one near me oddly had movies in the back of the store before and now they're like in the middle. BUT, they've made the aisles much smaller. It's really annoying. There's only room for one person down an aisle where the movies are width-wise. If someone else comes along, you can't just step aside for them to walk by. One of you literally has to walk out of the aisle so they can get through. That's how narrow they are now. You also can't really step back and get a good view of what's on the shelf. Since you're so close everything is all right on top of you. I imagine if someone was claustrophobic it would be a nightmare for them. Back when the aisles were a bit more spacious, I remember browsing for a long time just seeing what I could find. Now, whenever I go there, it's for something specific and I go in, find it real quick, and leave.
This is the reason more & more people will just buy whatever they want from Amazon or Ebay/online. There's none of that bullshit to worry about!
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