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well i didnt want to discuss the specifics of each point.

Music will never die ... on the other hand , MUSIC (industry) will get crushed at some point.

Speaking of .... just got my tix for the Thrice show on may 29th . Might sound unrelated but its a milestone for me. First band i'll see for a 5th time.

Beating old-timers like Metallica , KMFDM , Deftones , Megadeth and Pantera ... all stuck at 4 live shows.

In my 25 years of experience of going to see live band, that was unexpected in my book ( except Pantera which died with Diamond ) .... still waiting for a good Pendulum concert in Montreal coz the opening of Linkin Park didnt count

I was talking about audience connection ... Thrice does it best lately.
Check the last minute of the Firebreather video :
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