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Green Lantern S1E3 "Razers Edge" 7.5/10 - Seeing this cartoon i can't help but wonder how it would have turn out if they had decided to go all CGI instead of Live-Action. I think the suit most of all would have look better than the live-action, that and i think that most of the action sequence would have gone better overall. I'm liking this though so..

Ultimate Spider-Man S1E1-E2 "Great Responsibility" 7/10 - Well just like The Spectacular Spider-Man it took me a while to get use to that show but if they would just tune down the slapstick comedy i think it would better than what i saw from the first 2 episodes. I never really read the Ultimate Comic that this is based on so i don't if MJ really wants to be a journalist or not so..

Thundercats (2011) S1E14 "New Allies" 8/10 S1E15 "Lion-O Trial Part 1" 8.5/10 Well at least in this one Jackalman and Monkeyian have a much more sinister side and names but the 'new' and improved Thundercats HOLY MOTHER does that kicks ass. While this is rather more slightly 'darker' than the one i grew up on it still has that moral topic that the 80's one had you know?

Doctor Who S6 Ep 1-8 (i think) there's were some good ones and then there were some mediocre favorite is the one where the heart of the tardies becomes a woman temporarily and they have to built the c 9onsole because it was interesting to see how the world outside look like without the cover you know? anyways it's been an interesting season so far..hopefully i will catch up and finish the season. Now i gotta wonder if the season premier if, going by what happen at the beginning, is what is REALLY in store for the Doctor...there's still lots of questions to be answer but i got my suspicious on a few of the answers

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Hero's S2E1 "The Private War of Doctor Doom" 9/10 - Interesting Episode...that explains some things as to why Khan thinks Captain America did what he did. I have to wonder if Tony is not already aware of it or something..he HAD to have noticed.
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