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Yeah I enjoyed this more than the premiere though the premiere felt more carefully put together but I have no problems with either really. The premiere ep was great but by the nature of having to dive back into each of the split threads, it didn't really get to gain much momentum. This episode gets to spend a little more time with each storyline that it follows which allows for more dynamics and story to get through. Granted, it's also a very transitory episode that's not completely cohesive on its own but it was a lot of fun dropping in with Arya and Gendry, all the Tyrion scenes were absolute gold, as was the Theon-Balon-Yara stuff.

But I think we'll always follow this kind of style with each season since they follow the natural arcs of the books which build in a way that's much more in seeing things from the bird's eye/master perspective with the momentum gathering as it goes rather than trying to build in crazy stuff right from the beginning and make each episode completely stand by itself. I'm glad they have the patience to do this as I think it will really pay off when viewed all together as a single entity, but I hope the viewers have the patience as well to keep with it on TV.

To be honest, I don't remember a great deal of the details in A Clash of Kings which I'm happy for because it means I'm rediscovering the story as we go along. But it makes it fascinating and exciting to see just how the pieces will come together, as FailSafe said, to get to the climax of the season. That's part of what makes this so different from many other shows, it's seeing how small things that happen in each story, how the little decisions characters make can and do have small or big repercussions on the larger tapestry.

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