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Good news, season 2 is likely. I'm sure we're also gonna get a much longer second season this time around. I think they were testing the waters.

Here's a post from Bryan the beard guy on the show.

by eugenetesd (Thu Mar 29 2012 14:33:22)

Right now I know as much as anyone else. Less actually, as someone pointed me to today's article about AMC saying CBM exceeded expectations. Kevin spoke to someone at AMC last week and while positive & excited about the show's performance, they hadn't made a decision one way or the other in regard to a 2nd season...or at least didn't tell him.
Everything I've heard leads me to believe a 2nd season is likely, but I've yet to hear anything which would have me betting the farm. I promise if I'm told season two is a lock, I'll be on this board celebrating more fun to come with the faithful & shoving it in the face of all the a-hole naysayers.
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