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That sums it up nicely. But, for the sake of being more specific:

- people who knowingly fuck over other people to get what they want
- people who willingly allow themselves to be corrupted, even when they know better
- people who focus on anything other than driving when driving
- spoiled/privileged/entitled/sheltered people
- shallow people
- hypocritical people
- self-absorbed people
- spiteful people
- simple-minded/ignorant/downright stupid people
- people obsessed with wealth, status, material possessions, etc.
- people who spout off about things about which they know little or nothing
- people who talk just for the sake of it
- people who just can't be honest
- people who refuse to accept accountability if they fuck up
- people who pretend to be 'victims' when they're clearly not
- people who only watch/listen to shallow/mindless entertainment
- people who have no interest in anything from before they were born
- people who can't (or don't want to) think for themselves
- people who deliberately murder, rape, steal, vandalize, harass, etc.
- religious people who arbitrarily pick and choose selected aspects of their 'faith' to practice/follow
- people with obviously irrational fears
- people who are waaayyyy too into social media and constantly being in touch with other people
- people who snore (and, worse, do nothing about it)
- people who smoke
- people who use improper grammar
- people who, when speaking, put an 'h' in between an 's' and another consonant at the beginning of a word (e.g. they pronounce 'straight' as 'shtraight,' 'spring' as 'shpring,' etc.)
- people with thick East Coast, Southern, and 'Ghetto' accents (obviously, I'm starting to get petty now, so I'll leave it at this... )

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