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The singers are losing money because of this
This is actually untrue. A lot of people think that musicians make most of their money from cd sales, but that isn't the case. CD sales put money in the Record Labels pocket.
Musicians make 99% of their money through concerts, endorsements, merchandise, clothing lines, and other things.

That's why you see musicians with their own brand of alcohol, with their own clothing lines, with their own restaurants and what not.

Record Labels generally screw the artists as far as record sales. In most cases, an artist will have to sell a million copies before they see any real money.

Yes, music stores are hurting. But the musicians themselves aren't. But there isn't one 'industry' on the planet that isn't shifting for the digital age. Netflix instantly streams videos, which helped kill blockbuster and other video stores.
iTunes, among other things, killed/is killing music stores. But if these stores were smart, they would adapt to the digital age, and their companies would survive.
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