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Im okay with this. I didnt care for the TCM, but it was better than the original, I have just never got into that one. I thought the Friday the 13th remake was awesome though, better than many of the originals, so I just dont get the hate on that one. I loved the Elm Street remake in the theatre, though the second viewing made me really unlike it. But Halloween is more like Friday the 13th, a basic slasher format. If they dont stray away from it, I would think it would be okay. Just stay away from the back story, or atleast dont dwell on it. Rob Zombies remake was pretty good, the best touch to me was killing Machete, showing how heartless he was by killing the only person who really treated him good. I hated that part of the movie, but I also realize how important it was in showing how much of a psycho he was.
Somebody actually liked the boring Friday the 13th remake? It doesn't even have the campy factor going for it. Everyone is so self-aware that they're remaking a campy movie that there isn't any fun to be had.
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