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But do you think that a created world in a film should stay true to its own reality? What kind of reality does Johnson show us in Brick? Everything about it makes it look like a modern-day setting environment except the fact that none of kids talk like normal kids (do you honestly know anyone who talks and acts like that?). ANd it's not that the dialogue is fast paced that it bothers me, it's the fact that it's directly copy pasted from a dozen Humphrey Bogart movies from the 40s. What high school kids watch 1940s film noir? Makes no sense.

And kids trying way too hard to be cool and hip get no sympathy from me if that's the dominant thing the director is pushing in our faces. Metaphors lose all meaning when they are constantly forced and shoved down throats.
No one in the 1940's really talked like they did in film noir either, but no one complains about that. It's a stylistic choice, plain and simple.

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