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The Browns don't seem to think Richardson is worth a 4 pick. It's understandable, given the state of the NFL now: you don't need an elite running back to win. Yeah, you have to be able to run the ball, but look at the past few Super Bowls and the running backs involved:

2009: Cardinals/Steelers
2010: Saints/Colts
2011: Packers/Steelers
2012: Giants/Patriots

None of those teams had elite running backs. In fact, sometimes they were among the worst running teams in the entire league (Cardinals/Steelers, I believe, were the two worst). I don't think too many people think a running back is important enough to use a top 5 pick on. If the Browns don't think any other player (such as a Justin Blackmon) is worth the pick, maybe they can trade down to a team who wants one of two players who are highly regarded: Ryan Tannehill or Matt Kalil.

One of those two guys will be available at 4, and the Browns don't seem interested in either of them. Maybe they move back to the middle of the first round and pick up some extra picks in the process.

EDIT: also, Gordon, you mentioned they should give 2 weapons to McCoy if they believe he's the man going forward. Well, they don't. They were all-in on RG3 and failed. They obviously don't have the confidence in McCoy that he's their qb of the future. Apparently, they also don't like Tannehill too much. At least not for the 4th pick.

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