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Thanks for the kudos, Poop!

Needless to say, I read and write. I began by writing some fan fiction of Sonic The Hedgehog, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and a few other film series I was into at the time (and have yet to lose my infatuation with). I know that on the Nightmare forums there are quite a few peeps on there who write fan fiction regularly, and quite frankly I find it rather inspiring. Will they ever make big bucks off of their work? No, probably not, but to see so many people ambitious to stretch their minds creatively and to think deeper into the psychology of characters and the plot of a work is always a great thing, even for personal investment alone. I recently completed my own A Nightmare On Elm Street "sequel", which is as official as my mind is willing to accept any further sequel/film/spin-off at this point in time, and for that reason alone (and the support of some great fans) I'm just as pleased with that work as I've ever been with any. Recently I've also developed a pitch for a Sonic The Hedgehog comic to send to Archie (who owns the rights to the title and already produces two comic book series in its name).

Best of luck with your fan fiction, Poop! Since I'm here, is this a place for us Schmoes to converse about our own ideas and plots with each other or just to say "Yo! I'm into this!"?
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