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Lol, I agree with everything said in that video and I consider myself somewhat of a feminist. I believe that men and women deserve equal rights...if they earn them. The human should have to earn respect for oneself, rather than a collective gender having more or less than the other. That's basically what he was trying to get across. Sure, he made some statements near the end about man being the reason why we're here, but it's true. As he himself stated in the video, if a woman got up and said that everyone would be applauding the "brilliance" of the comment.
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He mocked a man who was killed in a horrible accident, not giving a shit about the man's family who'd see it.

Defend him if you want, he's a douchebag with a public platform and a right to say (and do, apparently) what he wants, no matter who he offends or hurts.

If he mocked someone I lost and I ran into this guy, I'd be the new Internet meme of the guy who gave Bill Maher that lump on his head.

Used to watch his show every week.
Now, he can blow me.
MY mother was a stay at home mom until she went out and busted her ass to raise me and my other siblings.

...So? He, as a racy comedian made a borderline offensive joke at a Halloween party of some sort? Who would'a guessed!? I'm a huge fan of Steve Irwin, and was practically raised on his show. I watched that religiously! I felt terrible when I heard of his death and I really do sympathize with his family. With that said, I've told my fair share of Iriwin jokes and have laughed at a good deal more of them. There were even a couple quips on the show mocking how prone he was to dangers from his job (in one episode he wakes up on a hospital bed with literally nothing left of him but his head). It's like playing an extreme sport: one knows the dangers that they're getting into, so is it really that great of a surprise when something happens? Yes, it is sad, but that is just something that the person was very well aware could happen. Steve had a great sense of humour about things and I'm sure that he could get jokes dealing with the incident. People lawl'd at the Steve Irwin jokes on South Park a week or two after he died, yet Maher's joke is too far? I don't see how this even applies or makes him a "douchebag."

Bottom line: This is why I hate politics and morals in general.
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