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according to Fandango here is the most anticipating films from male and female viewers

Men’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1. “The Avengers” 31%
2. “The Dark Knight Rises” 23%
3. “The Bourne Legacy” 14%
4. “Men in Black 3” 8%
5. “Prometheus” 7%

Women’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:
1. “Snow White and the Huntsman” 22%
2. “The Avengers” 16%
3. “Men in Black 3” 13%
4. “The Dark Knight Rises” 10%
5. “Dark Shadows” 8%

Take MIB III out and put from the woman's list Snow White and the Huntsman, and that's actually a really good top 5. Probably my own top 5, though in a different order. I mean, if we are only talking about the summer that is.
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