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I completely understand that I am biased, unfair and that I probably come off as arrogant to some of you. That being said I honestly don't understand how some people can legitimately be more excited about some mediocre batman movie (because lets be honest, TDK was mediocre, nothing more) than something like The Hobbit, or Django Unchained. Frankly that is fucking depressing...
Sorry, but Tolkien is just as nerdy as Batman. The Hobbit is a children's book, how is that any more or less worthy of anticipation than a comic book film? The LOTR films kind of outwore their welcome with the ridiculous potty humor and ROTK just suffered from bad editing. Tarantino has become a parody of himself and his talents are being crushed under the weight of his own ego. He hasn't made a great film since Jackie Brown. What's depressing is your inability to respect other's opinions and understand that film is very subjective.
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