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I completely understand that I am biased, unfair and that I probably come off as arrogant to some of you. That being said I honestly don't understand how some people can legitimately be more excited about some mediocre batman movie (because lets be honest, TDK was mediocre, nothing more) than something like The Hobbit, or Django Unchained. Frankly that is fucking depressing...
Yea, I understand where you're coming from if you thought TDK was just mediocre. And all the hype around it probably made you think it's even more mediocre, with TDKR not showing anything really that different so far.

I can just speak for myself here and say that though TDK is not the masterpiece so many proclaim it to be, calling it mediocre is a little unfair. As a long time Batman fan, what Nolan, his team and the cast have done with this franchise is a real accomplishment. My top three comic book films are Batman Begins > Spiderman 2 > X Men 2. So, the same Batman still reigns supreme in my opinion and TDKR being the final chapter and all, I think we all feel like Nolan and co. will give if their absolute best effort to go out with a bang and avoid the "curse" of the third film.

Seeing as you list The Hobbit in your preference over TDKR, it's obvious that Jackson's Middle Earth attracts you way more than Nolan's Gotham. There's tons of people who call LOTR mediocre (not me, I loved them) and would say the exact same thing you did only switching The Hobbit with TDKR.

EDIT: Looks like a couple of schmoes beat me to it. You opened yourself to an attack! Haha.


JC, thanks for breaking down the Cloud Atlas script. I'm definitely intrigued. Complex storylines like that really pull me in and when done right end up on my year-end top ten lists (I'm thinking Synechdoche, New York now). Are you going to read the book before the film?

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