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Without delving too far into this since I don't wanna continue to derail this thread about 2012 releases (also on my way to watch Shame), but here's a quick rundown of why I feel Nolan has already proven himself to be a better filmmaker than QT:

More consistency.. Pretty much all of Nolan's films are consistent in quality, some obviously better than others. This is in stark constrast to QT, who has split audiences with his last 3 films, while Nolan has had his last three films be his most well received. Also, it doesn't take Nolan 3-6 years to make new shit. He's only been directing films for 14 years now (6years less than QT), but already done as many feature films as QT in that time.

More diversity in films. In the short time that Nolan has been making films, I think he has shown ambition to tackle new genres. One can only imagine what more innovative films he might've made had he not signed on for Batman, but once the trilogy raps and he becomes a Hollywood goldenboy, he'll have the means to do whatever he wants and excites the shit out of me.

More originality in films. Yes, I know that most of his films are adaptations, however, even if you LOVE QT, you gotta admit that "borrows" a lot, including full titles these days just for the fuck-of-it.

Grander scale in film. Despite the very interesting locations/periods of QT's various films, with the exception of a fair amount of violence and few moments of real action, his films are still, at the core, talking head films. This is not necessarily a bad thing at all, but it's quite limiting. I could go into QT's signature dialogue, which I love, but how it can often be a drawback in ways. Nolan doesn't mind really using the scenery as well as letting certain scenes/moments speak for themselves. Not full on scenery porn, but still.

Humble. Have you ever heard of anyone having an unkind word to say about Christopher Nolan? Exactly.

I could go on, but obviously, this is personal opinion. My point is, you gotta respect Nolan atleast, 'cuz QT isn't exactly Martin-fuckin-Scorsese, if you get me.

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