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I completely understand that I am biased, unfair and that I probably come off as arrogant to some of you. That being said I honestly don't understand how some people can legitimately be more excited about some mediocre batman movie (because lets be honest, TDK was mediocre, nothing more) than something like The Hobbit, or Django Unchained. Frankly that is fucking depressing...
The Dark Knight was anything but mediocre, there is almost an infinite number of movies based on comic books that fall under that category. No other superhero has had such a lasting effect on other movies like The Dark Knight. Although, some may consider Reeve's Superman and Raimi's Spider-Man as influential candidates, none of them have been constantly debated and referenced to when it comes to comparing movies somewhat similar. People frequently compare each comic book movie to The Dark Knight, saying it either is on the same level or failed in comparison; it's on the highest level a movie of its type has ever achieved.

Honestly, I don't know how you can even compare a movie that has already come out (The Dark Knight) to movies that have yet to be released (Django Unchained and The Hobbit). If anything, The Hobbit is just a cash in for the creators because The Hobbit is a fairly large step down from Lord of the Rings; trust me, I've read both. And you wonder how many people can be more excited for the last Batman movie that has an ending that no one is aware of versus something like The Hobbit that will have no sense of 'epicness' until its followup which comes out the following year.
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