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Sorry, but Tolkien is just as nerdy as Batman. The Hobbit is a children's book, how is that any more or less worthy of anticipation than a comic book film? The LOTR films kind of outwore their welcome with the ridiculous potty humor and ROTK just suffered from bad editing. Tarantino has become a parody of himself and his talents are being crushed under the weight of his own ego. He hasn't made a great film since Jackie Brown. What's depressing is your inability to respect other's opinions and understand that film is very subjective.
I completely respect your opinion. As I said I fully understand that I sound like a dick. Over the past 7 years here I've never really said anything other than that single post, out of 2000, that has been derogatory of others opinions. In fact I don't even really think what i said was all that negative, it's just not sugar coated. I'm just saying I think your opinion sucks. I understand you think mine sucks and that's fine with me, we can disagree. I would argue that Tolkiens work is far nerdier than anything batman related, but that has nothing to do with me liking or disliking shit.

The Hobbit is a children's book, how is that any more or less worthy of anticipation than a comic book film?
because one is actually a book, the other is 5 pages with some poorly written dialogue and then some shitty pictures.

The Hobbit is just a cash in for the creators because The Hobbit is a fairly large step down from Lord of the Rings; trust me, I've read both.
I don't disagree about the motivations for the film. The theory that the hobbit is a step down is a little silly, granted it was initially a bedtime story for his children which he had developed in the trenches of WWI. Of course it's not on the same level of depth as the LOTR trilogy, as davey so amazingly put it, it's a childrens book. That being said it was the precursor to the LOTR trilogy. Obviously the Silmarillion was in the works before The Hobbit and remained a work in process all his life, but it was, as I am sure you know as a self proclaimed expert, Tolkiens first step into ME. The Hobbit introduced, at least to the public, almost every idea and ideology that were later presented in LOTR and the Histories of Middle Earth; trust me, I've read them all.

Everything I've said is obviously my extremely biased opinion. I know it pisses some of you off and that's fine, your opinions frustrate me too. Luckily that's what the purpose of these boards are. What it boils down to is that I find the idea of a bunch of midgets marching to a mountain to kill a dragon that stole their shit more interesting than an irritating masked guy trying to save a city from a steroid injecting criminal with a paintball mask on.

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