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Oh, I will never forget that scene for as long as I live. I get QT's love of feet

Great anticipation list btw, save for No.8
Thanks! I thought you might have an issue with that one. It was actually kind of hard for me to get the list to 10 even. I rarely watch new releases in the theater. I tend to seek out obscure films from the past, often times foreign, and don't bother keeping up too much with mainstream American releases. However, I have to admit that 2012 is shaping up to be one of the best years for movies since the 90s.

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Perhaps what I should say is that I respect your right to have that opinion, I just don't like it. Honestly I was really drunk when I wrote the initially comment, but for the most part I stand by it. Insensitive? probably. Ban worthy? no.

Here's to riding out this shit tornado from oz
I think that's a much better way to word it, or simply that you disagree with it. I agree that it's not ban worthy, but people have gotten in trouble for similar language in the past. People will ultimately report you for stuff like that, because we all have different definitions of what is or isn't disrespectful. A lot of people on the internet have thin skin. Anyway, good luck with that tornado, they have been tearing up the midwest in the states lately.
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