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They Ann Romney criticism didn't come out of the blue. It was a response to her comparing herself to stay at home moms everywhere, when everyone knows darn well that her situation is mostly incomparable.

What I do think is ridiculous is what's been said - It boggles me that stay-at-home moms are the new subjects for political correct speech. I think it's just so out of the blue because the current debate seems to be ignoring decades of socially accepted progressions in equal rights for women. The feminist manifesto in the 70s sent women to work and said they needed to break away from that housewife persona, and we all accepted this for a long time, and suddenly out of nowhere, staying home and raising kids is the same thing as working for the man. Sorry, no -- we've clearly established that wife's role isn't to solely work for the man (in this case being the husband/breadwinner). Isn't that what makes women equal?

And yes --- Being a mom IS a "job", but this whole thing has turned into semantics on what we call a job and it's just a bunch of political bullshit. Everyone knows what the other person means but is to proud to acknowledge it. No one was bashing Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom, they were bashing her for comparing her situation to that of 99% of working moms. There is hardly a comparison there and she was an idiot for trying to make one -- for trying to be "down" with all the regular moms. It was pandering at its worst, and even worse because she's not even the candidate.

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