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You know what, i dont know what all the hate is about. I've enjoyed playing this game so far. Complaints like controls or the cover fall falt once you've played the game for 5 minutes and figure shit out, sort of like any game.

I think ppl just wanted to hate on this game cause its not a "traditional" RE game or something, i don't know. Some said it wasn't able to stack up again most simlar team shooters but i don't normally play those game so i could care less about that.

The only real complaint i really have is Capcom's typical bilking of extra money. They are now releasing the good guy missions as DLC. The firs was free (and excellent) while you can get another 3 missions for $10. Not sure if i'll pay $10 for 3 lvls, large and time consuming as they are, so hopefully they drop the price as part of pack or something.

Also never pick up the Grenade Launcher unless its a boss fight, they suck to carry around. You can't replenish their ammo
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