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She's suppose to be in an episode of Supernatural later this season, so that'll be my first experience of watching her in something probably.
yeah s07e20 The Girl with the Dungeon&Dragons tatoo ( guess the reference isnt too hard to figure )

actually Felicia Day has been acting since 2001 but besides her apperance in some late Buffy episodes , she's been a struggling actress. The point of THE GUILD was to be a showcase of her addiction to World of Warcraft ( even if its never mentioned for legal purpose and to keep a larger public since WoW isnt the only MMO out there ) and her acting skill. Guess it paid off coz her star is rising slowly. It's very original . I love the POV facing the monitor narration style but i guess it's better if you actually played any MMO at all.

here's a pic of her at the FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS launch party ( she's voice acting for Veronica)

PS. She's also voicing Tallis in Dragon Age II

Serious nerd dream !!!

Edit : FYI , Gwyneth Paltrow got 44 credited roles on IMDB for a career that started in 1991 where as Felicia got 55 credited roles starting 10 years later. Hollywood is a cruel machine.

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