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Dude needs anger management classes, without a doubt! That is some insane yelling.. but I cant understand a fucking word he screams in that tape recording!

As for Esterhaus's claims... i don't really believe the dude, he turned in a shit script, no one liked it, he knows what Gibson is now known for, and he used that. Then releasing this recording, it backs up his claims that Gibson was a screaming loon, and he wants that to convince the masses that the rest of what he claimed is also fact. I don't buy it.

And, I know ppl get pissed when anyone, god forbid, is in Gibsons corner, but if i was working on a project, and I gave the project to a writer, and that writer took way longer than the agreed upon terms and then turned in an utter piece of shit, i would be fucking irate too. It is one thing to take longer than the agreed upon terms, if you turn in a great script, that can be forgiven, but to take that long for a script and then turn in shit is/ and should be career ending. And when you are a producer on a project, you want to get things done in a timely manner cuz time is money. Esterhaus fucked Gibson, and Gibson was pissed. As for the shots at his ex wife... my belief of that whole thing is she was trying to extort money from him, she married him for his fame and it came to light, that happens to me, i will threaten to bury a bitch in the rose garden too! (Empty threats, as is what Gibsons were!). Why do i think that? Oh, maybe because dude was married fr like 30 years to one woman, that woman and him divorced, that woman took half of his money in the divorce and we have never heard one peep about that! No recorded tapes, nothing! Is he pissed about that, probably, but publicly, not a fucking peep. but this other bitch records him and extorts him ,and he comes off as the bad guy! (Although, when ranting, it is best not to use the N word!)

As for the original thing of his notoriety, you know.. ya, that was fucked! But c'mon, we got "Sugar Tits" out of it!
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