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I still say people should just leave the man alone. Overwatch said it better than anybody, everybody gets mad and says some off the wall shit. I have known some really good people blow up and say shit they dont even mean, and then when its over feel like a dick. Nobodies above it, if you havent you are probably under 30, so just wait. Maybe you didnt say the same hurtful shit Mel did about the same people, maybe it was just more aimed at one person... but when your ranting where everyone isnt supposed to hear you, you just let it fly. Its called venting, and whether people like it or not its much healthier than sitting on your anger. You blow up, let it out, and get on with your life. Personally I think that people that record them for a few seconds of extra fame should be penalized. I am so sick of the run tell dats!!!
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