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You are right, since I have replied on this topic, I should atleast say something about it.

I personaly hate it. Some people like it and this cool, but a good trailor gets me hyped for a movie. Back in the early 90s good direct to video trailers got me hyped to see movies. I love trailers, if I go to the theatre a few minutes late and miss most the trailers I am pissed, I am pissed when they only show 2 or 3 trailers, and would be content if they showed 30 minutes worth. I think they should show trailers the whole time your waiting, not commercials and all the trivia and quizzes they show on the screen while you are waiting for the trailers to stop. But I am not such a trailer junkie that I need to be hyped for them, they are meant only to hype me for the movie they are representing.
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