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I'm sure this post will make Buck feel like Nostradamus:-)

This isn't really that big a deal to me. I've yelled at people before, I've called people cock suckers, and I've called ex girlfriends names. I think I stopped doing shit like this though when I was a teenager, so yeah, Mel's an immature asshole. Still, I think if this were a recording of some other celebrity it wouldn't be news, but it's Mel and he has a history of outbursts and even with all his supporters there are many out there that would love to kick some more dirt in his face.

Surprise, surprise, the worst things he was accused of saying weren't on the recording. Nothing about John Lennon, and nothing about Jews. Maybe another tape will get released with those things on it, but I doubt it, or he would have already done it.

What would really end his career is if he followed it up with an awful movie. His movies are fucking awesome though and it looks like Get the Gringo is going to be another excellent movie he can add to his list.

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