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I think both parties are bursting at the seams with scum. The Us vs. Them mentality that has taken over our political system is really sickening, and destroying the country.

There's a lack of genuine dialectics and open-mindedness, and that applies to both conservatives and "progressives".

Another area ruining politics, or preventing politics from being honourable, is that politicians can legally lie, and get into power on the strength of a lie.

The ideal would be greater transparency at Government level, legally binding manifestos, and true dialectics in political discussions. It might not be the ideal for plutocrats. However, it would be the ideal for the majority.

On the subject of stay at home mums, its their choice, and other than their family its nobody else's business.

On the subject of a wealth gap, there should be a cap on wealth imho. That should apply to all in society, including investing banking dynasties. Offshore tax havens should come to an end. I'm not sure at what amount the cap should be, but I am sure this hundreds of millions and billions bullshit should end.

I believe in people having a personal wealth. I don't object to a surgeon having a comfortable home etc. But a distinction should be made between justfiable wealth and excessive wealth. On topic of the latter, I find it tragically ironic that many champagne socialists, e.g George Clooney, preach about helping others and yet really don't do as much as they could with their own wealth.

Businesses should also be capped. There are too many industries controlled by oligopolies.

I believe in a free market, but one where even the little companies can survive, and one where no company has too much of a market share.

The world really could be a healthier place if the power could only shift from the plutocrats to the majority.

Peacefully marching and boycotting certain companies in great numbers could achieve such a goal. Failing the peacefully approach, bloodthirty violence will suffice.
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