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I really hope Fringe get a 5th season

Fringe is one of my fav TV show atm. Not the best , some episodes are duds but overall it's really really good TV. Too bad it doesn't get the rating it deserves ( why the fuck a friday night FOX ? ) because the team behind it are really dedicated to do their best.

My point is last episode : Letters of Transit.

It's one of those "weird" episode that got nothing to do with the main arc. Basically , it is set in a "Big Brother-Terminator style " 2036 , humanity was overtaken by The Observers and the few "free" humans are struggling for freedom. Following 2 future Fringe agent that got their hands on Walter frozen in amber after the 2015 collapse , the race is on to free the rest of the team while avoiding Observers and the "Loyalites" ( humans doing the Observers dirty job ).

While i'm not sure if they plan a futuristic spin-off of the serie upon cancellation ( on another channel i mean ) or just want to give us a glimpse of what could be ( if doomed after season 4 ) , this episode wins on so many level. Either on recurring characters or story development , it's gold but they still had to wrap it in a high-budget & " i can't believe they didn't keep that story for a movie after the serie is cancelled".

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond in Lost ) is an awesome John Connor-like dystopian futur leader. Actually , acting - action - story - cinematography are all in sync. THAT'S FUCKING GENIUS.

Why the hell doesn't FOX support Fringe more ? I know it's not the first time ( Firefly says HI ) but i guess they rather broadcast another singing reality crap show. Alcatraz sucked.

My bigger WTF is why 2 Broke Girls got some many followers. Either people are dumb or the specific broadcast spot is meaningful. I know lotsa people will DVR Fringe but does that actually count ?

Oh yeah ... BTW , that episode of Fringe got one of the coolest ending


srsly , wake up and realize Fringe is awesome and that it would fare better given a better spot and if you wouldn't take break here and there ( 2 months around xmas and 1 month in feb-march , 2 episodes finale in 2 weeks ). Get some balls and dedicate yourself to your shows !!!

Fringe really does deserves a 5th season. Money-wise , it's close to the 100 episodes syndication rule so at least make it a 13 episodes all-out bang final season.
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