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Past Tense

This week we get drunk and almost go blind on poorly made tub hooch on "Boardwalk Empire"...

"Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season" was released on home video on January 10th, 2012.

It streeted against "Columbo: Mystery Movie Collection", "1911: Collectors Edition" and "Primeval: Volume 3".

There was a single insert in the digi-pack box set (inside a slipcase); a contest from HBO. Win a 42-inch plasma television with Blu-Ray player. Visit the provided web address and complete the survey (picking viewers' heads for opinions, likes and dislikes). The contest ended April 9th, 2012. It was a mini insert.

- - -

There were four exclusives for season one. Well, actually five, but I'll get into that rogue further down. Lets address this alphabetically and begin with...

Best Buy sold their collection with an exclusive bonus DVD that came inside a slim case - attached to the back of the box. This edition sold for $29.99. The bonus disc has a run time of 72:14 minutes. Above is the menu and sub-menus.

In addition to that bonus disc, there was another store exclusive - playing cards. The card deck sold for $3.99. You could purchase this set without having to buy the series, or any DVDs if you so choose. I bought both. My deck is still sealed.

Above is Best Buy's weekly ad announcing their particular gimmicks.

Next was an online exclusive from the HBO Store. The DVD set sold for $59.99 (not including shipping or tax). It came with a bonus disc (shipped separately on January 16th). As I understand, this was a single featurette (8:45 minutes) which was made available online previously. Do a search on YouTube for "Designing The Empire". I didn't buy this, I do not paying full retail. This exclusive was way too expensive for a single, short featurette. Yes, I would like to own it. Maybe I can find it at a swap meet or yard sale some day. *nods*

Coming up on the rear is the edition from Target; weekly advertisement above. They provided an exclusive set of six (series themed) postcards for $34.99. Probably the weakest of the offered lot. I did not buy this either. Would I like to own this? Yes, I would, but not for thirty-five bucks. Now if there were no other exclusives, then yes, I would've bought season one at Target.

- - -


There was another exclusive from Best Buy. A series sampler/preview disc. The promotion happened on October 31st, 2010. You could get the pilot episode (inside a slim case) for free with any HBO DVD/Blu-Ray purchase (series or mini-series). Or you could get it for roughly a penny. Depends, some cashier didn't bother ringing it up - free. The disc has a run time of 72:18 minutes. Above is the weekly ad publicizing the offer (it's to the left of "The Pacific" listing).

There is no menu screen since it just plays. And no spots for HBO shows, bare bones. And absolutely obsolete if you bought season one.

- - - - - - - - - -


This was a total blind purchase. I don't have cable, never have. I've only read the praise from online fans that got me interested. I'm glad I bought this. I do have a complaint, but I guess I'm not alone. It's a tiny season, all and all season one is twelve episodes. Right now as I write this, I am on episode ten. I'm hooked, I want more. I am cheerful that among the bonuses on the Best Buy disc is the first episode from season two. So, three more to go. Sway.

Wait, two complaints - the DVDs themselves. This is a five disc set, why? Several of them are just two episodes with a few extras. This could've been a four disc collection easy. I hope that means the bit rate was jacked up per episode, if not this is waste of space. The typical DVD has four one hour episode. Well, not one hour when you take out all the commercials - lets say, forty-two minutes each (network series).

Anyhow, I remember trying to recall where I saw actress Kelly MacDonald (Mrs. Margaret Schroeder). Then it hit me, it was "Gosford Park" (she played a maid); among the first of period dramas I bought. My taste in movies have expanded to include titles I had little to zero interest in watching six or eight years ago. I'm getting more mature - I'm fuzzy on how I should feel about that. Fuzzy.

Well, that and trying to figure out which character was played by Dabney Coleman. He plays Commodore Louis Kaestner. Man, he looks so different. Age has not been kind to him, he's unrecognizable. Holy crap. He's old.

- - - - - - - - - -


HBO, Best Buy and Target offered the same extra content for Blu-Ray too; $79.99, $29.99 and $39.99.

- - - - - - - - - -


You know what seriously needs to come out on DVD? "Battle For Milkquarious" (2009), I kid you not. Yes, White Gold. The short is less than twenty-three minutes long. You could have a making-of featurette along with the various White Gold music videos and milk ads. It could easily fit on one disc with room to spare. I want this. A couple weeks back I downloaded the short from YouTube. I like what they did, reminded me a lot of the low budget film, "The Call Of Cthulhu" (2005), seek it out.

Man, I loved the goddess, Bovina, the magical uni-pega-cow. Plus the songs are catchy. "And I've got your MILK!"

Those Bad Hair monsters were freaky.

There's a fellow online with the moniker 'Cookiin' who made a custom Bovina action figure along with a custom White Gold. Truly, he is among kings.

There you go folks. Next PT arrives on May 10th.

Hooray! *Mel Gibson angry voice*

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