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The Countdown to Black Ops 2 pt.4: "the enemy could be anywhere.."

This could possibly be a new slogan or give an idea to the plot line of Black Ops 2 Campaign.

I believe this will relate to the Campaign. The main character (perhaps Mason), could take the roll of a Lone Wolf. Trusting no-one. What's your thoughts?

Everyone seems to be focusing on the 4:13 - the time the numbers stop at the bottom. This number could mean anything. One thing that is curious is that on April 13th 1953 (4/13/53) Project MKULTRA was started by the CIA, which involved Mind-Control and Manipulation something that played a huge roll in the original Black Ops Campaign. This could possibly coincide in with the Black Ops 2 Campaign.

Watch the image carefully. Some letters briefly appear as different letters, for instance, the "E" in the first "BE" appears as a "Q" for a moment.

Look down my twitter timeline... 16 layered gif with secret message.
The message is WZQOH.
At the end NYONE from anyone is missing fitting this length with the message of it could be a _______.
Maybe tacitus is the key on a cipher?
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