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Its logical to assume that we're affected by our environment and personal experiences within an environment. Therefore, its plausible to suggest he was affected by his life in America, but to what degree?

We don't really know much about Mel Gibson's earlier life, we react to a carefully managed public image of a rising star.

In his later years, Mel becomes more powerful and has more control over his public statements. We learn more about him, and people (positively/negatively) react to that.

The Passion of the Christ seems to be the turning point where some people were wanting his downfall, and slapping their lips at all the coveniently secret recordings.

TPOTC was a film very much connected to his beliefs from childhood, or more to the point how he was raised by his parents.

I don't feel America has significantly changed him or shaped his personality.

His career in America has provided him a huge platform, which he has used to express his views. This made him popular with some folk, and unpopular with others including the majority of those in the media.

I don't think its a case of a man off the rails, but more a situation of plotting and vindictiveness from those who dislike him.

There are some things he should deal with. Some of his outbursts are childish, whether he's aware they were recorded or not.

On the whole, he's wealthy, he'll continue working. Sure his company will never get loved by the industry as a whole, he'll never be as welcomed as the Weinsteins, but the Weinsteins are fat fucking bastards who mostly make boring films, so who wants to be a fucking Weinstein anyhow.

The mainstream media isn't all encompassing of society. Those who dislike the mainstream media might find themselves becoming more a fan of those who are antagonistic to it. The idea of Mel Gibson trolling the mainstream media is quite endearing.

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