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I did enjoy Batman Returns, however, I don't think it's overrated--if anything Batman 89' fits that description. Batman Returns offers a much darker tone and a greater sense of complexity than that of its predecessor, but it often feels crowded because it doesn't feel like a structured linear story is present. On the other hand, Batman 89' is not even really a Batman' movie, but instead a movie about the Joker with Batman just playing the supporting character. Vicki Vale is an annoying love interest, Keaton seems confused about what he's trying to bring to the table, and the scene where the Joker shots down the Batwing with a revolver still makes me roll my eyes to this day. Finally, I think Batman Returns gives a greater balance between characters--which is ironic because it has more characters than 89'--but most importantly, the relationship between Catwoman and Batman is so nicely done that I can forgive the ridiculous penguins with rockets strapped to their backs plot.
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